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Managed Services

Managed IT Services is an all-inclusive way to handle your business IT. Compared to "Break-Fix" models, Service Agreements foster partnerships and progress. Monitoring, managing and maintaining your business IT is our primary focus.

Don't worry, your current IT professional would not get displaced, but instead supported. And, if you currently don't have that go-to guy, it might be time to consider your options. Managed Service Providers are responsible for all or part of a business' IT systems.

Service Contracts

Service contracts have varying price points based on the services you need. Predictable monthly payments make it so easy to stay within your IT budget and plan for new expenses. The peace of mind that comes with having an IT partner that will "take care of it" so that you don't have to is immeasurable.

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Remote Monitoring and Management

RMM software is a standard tool for most Managed Service Providers. It is useful in troubleshooting problems and re-mediating issues between servers and endpoints. Remote Monitoring decreases the likelihood of potential issues showing up in your environment. This proactive approach fosters optimal network stability while decreasing costly on-site visits.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Businesses need to be able to recover as fast as possible after a disaster or disruptive event. Whether it's an earthquake or a virus, you need to be able to react.

90% of organizations that do not have a recovery plan will go out of business within 2 years of a disaster. 40% of business will go under immediately following a loss of info, while 60% go down within 6 months. Minimized downtime and quick network revival can be a savior when disaster strikes.

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Mobile Device Management

To support today's BYOD movement, you'll need a mobile device management solution. Keeping your employees happy and your business data protected is the main goal of MDM. The challenge is to make the user experience easy, secure and private.

As your employees use their devices at work (for work), they could be sharing vital information. Unsecured mobile access can increase potential for viruses and malware in a workplace. The need for "dual personas" is exactly what MDM aims to address.

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