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Tech Solutions

60% of small businesses admit to not having the means to carry out a technological upgrade.
52% of small businesses report not being able to afford adequate employee training

As you explore your technological options, you'll likely find that you have a broad mixture of needs. Technology changes fast, and it's hard to grasp what you need now compared to what you'll need later. Your software and hardware need to work well together so that your day to day business flows well. A good infrastructure will help with that.

Network Consulting & Evaluation

How do you know if your business needs a VPN, a Server or more Workstations? You may not know, and it's okay because we don't expect you to know as much about our business as you do about yours.

We will test your network's health to identify what may slow you down or cause you problems going forward. This clarity could be the boost your business needs to optimize system performance.

Deployment of Solutions

Having well configured systems is as important as good hardware and software. Clean installations with clear labeling and documentation can make progress so easy. We pride ourselves on tidy work and efficient methods.

Network Systems Design & Solutions

We have the expert ability to put the proper elements into place for the outcome you need. Some projects are less mainstream than others. By utilizing an engineering approach to problem solving, we can produce unique solutions.

We will guide you through your options until we find the best solutions to fit your timelines and budget.

Additional Resources

Compliance & Security

As we all know, industry specific compliance is not optional. Astronomical fines or forced shut-down are a reality when dealing with sensitive information. HIPPA, PCI and GLBA compliance exists to keep your customers’ information secure. Be sure you have what you need to avoid major setbacks.